Mother's Day

Sunday 26th March

Bouquets from - £20.00

Hand tied's from -  £25.00

Basket Designs from - £14.95


Large sunflower bright and cheerful upright hand tied - £30.00


Extra large hand tied


Hand tied in vase - £30.00

mothers day

Zinc tub hand tied design - £29.95


Gerbera black cube design £17.95


Gerbera bottle design


Heart plaque £2.99


Large Hydrangea plants gift wrapped - £15.99

A stunning modern hand tied aqua packed. Using roses, brassica, gerberas and lilies along with foliages call 01623 232180 to order yours for Mother's Day!



A selection of small hand tieds are available


Rose plants available - gift wrapped £9.99


Rose plant in zinc tub £9.99


Large Narcissus hurricane lantern - £17.99


Bouquet - £20.00


Small basket design - £14.95


Heart and home candles - from £6.95


Fairtrade Orchids gift wrapped - £10.50


Heart - £2.99

All in one design! A beautiful hand tied including glass amethyst vase and velvet heart pick £35.00

Baby pink and cream hand tied into a bag, box, vase or zinc container. This is available with all hand tieds. Prices will vary just call the shop for details

Large luxury hand tied using lilies, shamrock, roses, gerberas and much more!

Pom pom hand tied

Pink hand tied aqua packed into a cream box. Finished with a decorative bow

Natural hand tied

Large hand tied - £35.00

Pink and purple hand tied

Hand tied aqau packed

Floral hand bag design - other colours/flowers are available

Hydrangea and rose hand tied - £38.95

Gerbera container design - £24.95

Green Hydrangea design using eucalyptus and foliages

Modern cream zinc tub design - £30.00

Spring bouquet using roses and Gerberas

Aqua hand tied using roses and Gerbera's - £30.00

Avalanche rose hand tied

Luxury pink and white hand tied - £30.00

Large hand tied - £35.00


Hand tied

Beautiful hand tied including pink vase! £35.00

Hand tied with collar and vase design - £35.00 perfect gift!

Pom pom hand tied - pink and white


Purple and cream lily hand tied - £33.00

Bouquet from - £28.00

Large modern cerise gerbera hand tied £35.00

Pink and purple rose and tulip bouquet £28.00

Lily hand tied aqua packed in a bag or box (pink) Other colours available - £35.00 in bag or box or £40.00 with vase

Luxury hand tied aqua packed - From £45.00

Lily and rose hand tied From £35.00

Gifts - £4.99 each

Natural hand tied - £28.00

Owl doorstop - £8.99

Vintage heart - £18.99

Luxury hand tied aqua packed using baby pink gerbera's, gyp, lilies, eustoma and much more! From £35.00

Rose and Gerbera hand tied - From £30.00

Large hand tied - £35.00

Hand tied - From £30.00

Orange and cream spring hand tied from £30.00

Vibrant orange rose zinc tub design - This can be used afterwards! From £35.00

Luxury hand tied - £35.00

Hand tied using pink and red - £28.00

Pink and cream hand tied From £35.00

Luxury pink and Cream hand tied -From £28.00

Purple bouquet - £28.00

Hand tied with lilies - £35.00

Pastel basket design with roses - from £29.95

Pink basket design From - £34.95

Heart and home candles available at The Bee Orchid

Purple and cream hand tied aqua packed into a box

Modern cerise hand tied in a large bag - From £35.00

Cream hand tied from £30.00

Luxury vintage hand tied - from £45.00

Springtime Bouquet - Oranges and lemons from £28.00

Large pink and purple hand tied

Vintage Gerbera design

Rose basket Design


Does your mum love hand bags? if so this is something extra special - Floral hand bag

Pastel basket design

Basket Design

Upright container design

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